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"You're a Rat!"- Donnie Brasco

On this week's episode I tell Russ the story of the most successful FBI undercover mission in US history... Operation Sun-Apple a.k.a the story of Donnie Brasco! This is such an interesting case because one man went deeper into the Italian mafia than anyone had ever been. It was first time that law enforcement could see and understand the inner workings of the Cosa Nostra. This mission led to the arrest of 230 mafia members and associates and single handily dismantled the Bananno crime family in the early 80's. Russ and I both had mixed feelings about this one. I'm interested to see how you guys feel about how this all went down.

Moral of this story... "When they send for you you go in alive, and come out dead, and it's your friend that does it." - Al Pacino as "Lefty Ruggiero"

Joe Pistone as Donnie Brasco

Social Clubs


Dominick"Sunny- Black" Napolinano

Donnie and Sunny

The Godfather Sunny Black Killed

Joe Pistone Today

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