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You give love a bad name - Carl Tanzler

Check out this week’s episode “You give love a bad name” where I tell Russ all about an obsessive, delusional necrophiliac named Carl Tanzler. He became completely obsessed with a young patient being treated at the hospital where he was employed. His obsession led to a super disturbing chain of events! Russ was totally weirded out by this episode. Moral of this story... we love until death do us part and that’s fine.... that’s enough!

This is Carl

This is Maria Elena

This is the space ship he built for them to runaway together

This is the shack / laboratory they lived in for 7 years

This is a photo taken by Carl while he was replacing her eyes

This is after he was caught talking to the public. I can't believe these idiots actually found this romantic!

This is a photo of Maria Elena as she lay on display in the funeral home

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