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#Justice4KJ- The mysterious death of Kendrick Johnson

On this week's episode I tell Russ the tragic and mysterious case of Kendrick Johnson. I decided to tell him this case now because the true crime community found out last week that Kendrick's case is being reopened. This case has baffled and frustrated me for years, for soooo many reasons. I was excited to tell Russ this one because he doesn't know anything about it and I wanted to hear his off the cuff reaction to the details. I really enjoyed discussing this one because hearing him react to this case made me feel like I was hearing this case for the first time. I truly hope this year there is finally justice for Kendrick Johnson. Moral of this story... things aren't always what they seem.


Kendrick's Mom and Dad

Kendrick in the mat

This is the police crime scene video, it's age restricted so click the link

This is the photo released by Kendrick's family (post autopsy)

This is KJ post mortem before and after the autopsy

The Bell Brother's interview, audio from these interviews are also in our episode

This is a video released by CNN of the camera footage with missing minutes.

One of the news stations announcing the case being reopened

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