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"Who the hell is Sam?"

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

David Berkowitz named himself the Son of Sam and terrorized NYC for over a year. This week we discuss his crimes and motivations for committing them. At the time he claimed a demon possessed dog is who told him to do all of this. Later in life he has since changed his whole story. I have posted some pictures of him and of the Son of Sam letters. Due to copyright laws I can't post youtube videos on this blog but definitely go look up interviews with him and see what you think.... Is he a psychopathic killer who did it all for attention or a schizophrenic having a delusional melt down?? At the end of the day the way he portrays himself now I just look at him like a total joke and Russ, well he has decided to rename him the little turd!

Listen and Enjoy!

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