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Did the husband really do it?- Scott Peterson

Check out this week’s episode where I tell Russ all about the murder of Laci Peterson. Russ doesn’t really care about true crime that much so he doesn’t know anything about this case. He doesn’t even remember the media frenzy it caused back in 2002 😳 Him being so out of the loop is interesting to me. Russ can look at this case with totally fresh eyes without the media influencing him. A lot of people believe Scott Peterson is innocent of this crime and should be exonerated. We are gonna lay out ALL the facts I could find and tell you if we think this husband really did it! Moral of this story... when you are a lying, cheating husband the court of PUBLIC opinion will find you guilty of even the most heinous crime.

Laci and Scott on their wedding day. She was such a beautiful woman

The Peterson's House :

The bench Laci sat on to curl her hair and do make up on the morning of the 24th

A tarp in the shed tat was covered in gasoline

Scott and Amber :

Follow this link to youtube to hear all the recordings from Scott and Amber's phone calls!

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