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Blade Runner - Oscar Pistorius

On this week's episode I tell Russ about the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Reeva was murdered by world famous Olympian Oscar Pistorius. This was a sensational case out of South Africa and was reported on all over the world. Was this a case of cold blood murder or a terrible mistake?? Oscar was a disabled olympic gold medalist who was truly inspirational until this happened. Moral of the story... If you're claiming self defense, you gotta make sure your story ads up. In my opinion something just ain't right about this one.

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Zackery Tannery
Zackery Tannery
Nov 27, 2021

Jess messed up. Sorry Jess you are welcome Russ. Rugby is in America. We have an American National Rugby team. College teams and high-school teams, even city leagues.

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