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We know who killed The Black Dahlia!

This week I tell Russ about what is probably the most famous cold case in the USA, the murder of Elizabeth Short. Most of you have probably heard of "The Black Dahlia" but don't really know all the details. This murder happened in 1947 and was incredibly gruesome and horrific. There is one man who many believed committed this crime. Honestly, we KNOW he did it! After 72 years no one has been charged and probably never will be.  Moral of this story... If you're rich you can get away with anything, even murder!

Elizabeth Short's mug shot and finger prints from when she was arrested for underage drinking

The photo the L.A. Examiner published of the crime scene

This is the photo Steve Hodel found in his father's belongings. Steve was convinced this was Elizabeth Short leading him to implicate his father for the murder.

This is George Hodel

This is his home, The Sowden House

Check out this awesome podcast!! It is a fascinating story!!

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